What is GIANT?

Giant is a conference focused on the craft and creativity of:

  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • User Research & Usability
  • Front-end Development.

It’s relevant to people just starting out and those who’ve been around a little longer.

All boiled down it’s the event for people who do rad work®


GIANT Conference exists because creativity and community go together like a guitar and amp. GIANT is for people who do rad work. We’ll talk about rad work at a technical level, and we’ll talk about rad work in abstract levels. We rely on our unique venues and diverse speaker lineups to set the tone for GIANT. Happy hours and social time are as much a part of what we do as the speakers’ sessions. We want people to come to GIANT and learn from the best. But we also hope they get an opportunity to meet their next business partner, mentor, or creative hero. That RAD work we always talk about is a lot easier to do in community. We’ll have a diverse group of speakers, who you’ve heard of along with new faces, talking about rad work. That’s because we think inspiration comes from all over, and rad work happens in all kinds of professions.

Come to GIANT if:

  • You are open to inspiration from people who aren’t just like you.
  • You know we don’t have to always talk about wireframes and CSS
  • You need a break from formality
  • You want to chill out with people who are creative in all kinds of ways
  • You need a little nudge toward a bold move
  • You believe that experience is more than prototypes and usable forms
  • You can’t stand the thought of another conference in a boring hotel basement
  • You dig art, music, and pop culture
  • You do rad work
  • You want to do rad work