Everyone can tell you that in today’s market User Experience is a differentiator. For a lot of us it’s the ONLY differentiator. Establishing a clear path within your organization toward a mature UX practice doesn’t come easily though. So we created GIANT Conference.

GIANT conf is a place to learn about UX at a technical and conceptual level. We’ve packed GIANT with over 60 presentations and workshops from the industry’s best leaders. Attendees have their pick of sessions ranging from detailed discussions around tools and processes that will contribute to day-to-day work to higher level concepts that spark innovation and creativity at large.

GIANT conf isn’t for industry insiders who know all the lingo. It’s for anyone who wants to create the kind of differentiation that pushes brands and products to the top of mind. Or, more simply, anyone who does rad work. Come to GIANT with a curiosity about how to implement UX practice, and leave with tools, resources, and personal connections to act on it.

GIANT conf is for inspiration. You’ll recognize some of our speakers. And some of them will be new to you. That’s because we believe inspiration comes from all over the place. People from all kinds of professions have very relevant insight that you can apply to your field. We believe a fresh perspective can be the spark you need to push your professional limits. Come to GIANT conf and be inspired by people who’ve been where you are and where you’re going. Let them show you where you need to be.